• 1. I know that selling your family home can be an extremely emotional experience for everyone involved. Your home holds so much treasured history. The marks showing the children’s height measurements on the laundry room door frame, memories of all your sweet pets and all the birthday and Christmas celebrations. The neighbors you will always love and never forget.
    The trampoline incident–

  • Depersonalize

    2. Often times the purchasers will judge a house by how it makes them “feel.” As perfect as your home already is for your family, it is crucial to depersonalize your family home so that any potential buyers can imagine themselves living in your space.

  • Staging

    3. What I will do as part of my service as a Real Estate Professional, is to identify key features in your family home that can be improved upon. This will maximize the selling potential and bring you as the home owner, top dollar. Professionally staging your home is definitely worth the time, money and imagination. Impartial expertise is needed to sell your home faster and come away with the maximum profit.

  • Declutter and Clean

    4. First impressions are everything and it starts as soon as the buyers pull up to your home! De-clutter and clean. This is the least expensive and the most important improvement you can make. Have a garage sale, rent a storage unit, donate to local charities (many will pick up at your home at no cost to you). Don’t be overwhelmed though as I will give you a priority list as part of my pre-list appointment.  Yes, you can have a pre-list appointment before you start the process, even if you are planning a year in advance.  It will save you time, money and the guess work. Phone me today for your pre-list appointment and I will give you your personalized Money Do list for selling.

  • Professional Painter

    5. Another very important way to improve the value and selling power of your home is to hire a professional painter. Refresh your home with a light, bright, neutral paint colour.  Consult with a professional painter or designer to give you current colors & ideas.  I can also help you with the best choices or refer you to a professional in these area’s. It is well worth the cost to have it done right. It will reward you richly later. $40 in the paint can is worth $1,000’s on the wall if done right.

  • Little Things Mean A Lot

    6. As far as normal maintenance please remember the little things like replacing burnt out bulbs, clean and open drapes and blinds. The cleaner, fresher, and more neutral the environment is, the easier it will be for a potential buyer to visualize themselves as the owners of your home.

  • Maintenance and Repair

    7. All maintenance and repair jobs should be completed prior to showing your home. You know, all those little things wrong that you have been putting off for years?  If completed prior to the showing of your home it will make all the difference in the first impression of the buyers. The time has come to get them done! Little things can mean a lot and can make a difference of thousands of dollars in the buyers offer. Make a list; the buyers will. Yes it’s good to fix the ugly bathroom calking, the leaky faucet, the sticky door, broken cupboard, charred spot on the kitchen counter, and loose doorknobs. You get the idea. Be thorough and objective when scrutinizing your environment for the potential buyer. This will seriously affect the bottom line…  I want you to get the highest price possible for your treasured home and property.

Let me help you navigate your real estate journey. I look forward to helping you find the perfect home for you and your family.
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