Whether buying or selling, you will want to do all you can to ensure you find a reputable, responsible and experienced real estate agent to handle the transaction in a professional way.

The numbers of individuals licensed to deliver real estate services in BC is at its highest levels ever: there are 22,005 licensed real estate professionals in the province. Making the wrong choice when selecting an agent to handle such a large purchase and/or sale, can have disastrous results.

There is certainly no lack of selection, but that can make the decision more difficult and frustrating. Every agent  has their own unique set of skills and experience.  You will want to base some of your decision on compatible personality traits. I have some suggestions for making the right decision the first time around when selecting a real estate agent.


It is important to do your research. How many times have you heard me say that? What can I say? It works!

You can do your own research online. Google agents online. Look for reviews and other information on their website and social media forums. Strong online presence and online marketing is important to your success as well as theirs.


Meet your potential agent in person before proceeding with house hunting.  You need the opportunity to ask questions in order to  make a confident decision about choosing an agent. Try to learn something about their experience in the community where you live.

Find out how long they have been licensed and whether they have won awards in the industry. Find out what services they will provide. If you get bad vibes, walk away! If you aren’t comfortable, the individual probably isn’t the right choice for you.

Top 12 Questions to ask a Realtor you are interviewing.


How long have you been in the business?

What is your market area of expertise?

Do you specialize in any type of Real Estate for example:  Acreage?  Townhomes? Fine family homes?

What is your listing to sales ratio for pricing?

What marketing strategies do you use?

How are you different from other agents in the area?

Do you have references or testimonials?

The service:

What documents are important to review in advance?

Do you have an estimate of costs or a cost guideline we can use?

Do you have a team or complimentary businesses you can refer to us?  Good lawyer, inspectors etc?

Do you offer a service guarantee?

Do you offer a free evaluation or any other services to help us prepare to buy and/or sell?

Use your intuition. It is important that you feel respected and listened to; able to communicate freely. You should feel  comfortable when asking them questions or asking for help with decisions. You need to feel as though you can trust their judgment on your behalf.

After you have selected the agent you want to represent you, be sure to get everything you have discussed in writing and included in your agreement with the brokerage. This should include the term of the agreement, the commission payable, and the location where you would like to buy. Any special requirements or desired features that you want a property to have, should also be in writing.


So now you have made a decision and selected an agent to handle your real estate needs. Don’t be afraid to talk about any concerns you may have. As in any successful relationship, it is necessary to express your needs and expectations clearly.

Most important is the time an agent can give to you, as all agents have multiple clients.  The top agent may not have time for you, and you will be dealing with their team.  There can be difficulties if an agent hasn’t sold in the area before, or is unaware of how to properly protect you when buying strata or acreage.  It’s very important that the agent understands what it is you need to accomplish your goals and the best way to service your real estate needs.

I have been working in the real estate industry for over 38 years and have developed very close relationships with my clients. Most of my new business comes from referrals. If you need a free market evaluation or have questions about buying or selling, feel free to PHONE JOAN 604-220-(SOLD)7653

Cheers! To your success!